SCP Japan Liaison Office in Tokyo opened in October 2013. The office is headed by Dr. Kunai and can be reached via email japan(at)scholzcp(dot)com.
"How one diagnostic test can save billions of Euros per year" --- A blog post by Manfred Scholz and Bryce Sady - The MedTech Europe Blog - August 28, 2013
SCP Client BioHelix has been acquired by Quidel for $10 million in cash plus earn-out milestones. - May 06, 2013
"Ten Economic Motivators for Patient-Centric Diagnostics" --- Bryce Sady and Manfred Scholz show how economic motivators drive adoption of patient self-testing (PST) and patient-collected samples (PCS) - IVDT - November/December 2012
Ten Economic Motivators for Patient-Centric Diagnostics
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"Finding Real Customers in a Billion Dollar Market" --- Manfred Scholz presented at Next Generation DX Summit - Commercialization of Molecular Diagnostics - Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill - August 23, 2012
Senior Consultant Bryce Sady adds in-depth diabetes, intensive insulin and glycemic control expertise to the SCP team. His portfolio also includes point of care testing for infectious diseases, HIV, oncology and mental health. He developed digital platforms for physician-patient interactions including many mobile phone applications. - March 2012
“The PwC report hints at the improving state of the IVD industry,” said Manfred Scholz, PhD, MBA, president, Scholz Consulting Partners (Medford, MA). “While some of the M&A activity was encouraged by favorable valuations in the recent recession, the key drivers are structural changes in the IVD industry. The key themes are and continue to be content and utility.”
Scholz noted that content is important and reflected in acquisitions such as Ipsogen and Caris. Ipsogen provided a set of new assays to Qiagen, and Caris anchored patient stratification for Miraca Holding. Meanwhile, utility is reflected in the acquisitions of Accuri and Claros. Although neither Accuri nor Claros offered fundamentally new technology platforms to their buyers BD and Opko Health, they made their respective technologies much more user friendly. For example, Accuri put flow cytometry on the benchtop, and Claros delivered immunoassays from fingerstick samples that can be performed anywhere without the need for venipuncture, centrifuges, and power-hogging lab systems.
Tetra.Sphere based in Potsdam, Germany, has partnered with SCP. This partnership improves SCP's European reach and provides Tetra.Sphere with a beachhead in the US market. - March 2012
SCP has added Steven Galante and Dr Christian Prothmann to its consulting team. Steven expands our diagnostics commercialization skills and Christian adds pharmaceutical industry licensing and development experience. - November 2011
BioHelix’s IsoAmp® HSV Assay received FDA clearance for the detection of herpes simplex virus in genital and oral lesions - October 17, 2011
OPKO Health Announces Acquisition of Claros Diagnostics securing the unique microfluidics-based diagnostic technology platform. A great success for SCP clients Claros Diagnostics and Oxford Bioscience Partners that provides an even greater upside for OPKO Health. - October 13, 2011
SCP Consultant Geoff McKinley has joined GenturaDx as SVP R&D - July 11, 2011
Connecticut Innovations is set to gain on the proposed $101 million sale of Ipsogen S.A. to Qiagen N.A. which was announced on June 15, 2011. Connecticut Innovations contracted SCP for its Ipsogen investment due diligence.
“A Troponin test recall, integration problems after the acquisition of Olympus, and the very late to market development of the DxN molecular diagnostics test system, which has been projected for a 2012 launch, are all indications that this once best-in-class company needed a change,” said Manfred Scholz, PhD, president, Scholz Consulting Partners LLC (Medford, MA). “At $3.7 billion in annual sales, Beckman Coulter was too small to compete with Abbott Laboratories, Roche Diagnostics, and Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, and too large to nimbly compete with molecular diagnostics growth businesses like Qiagen and Cepheid.”
"Two major business deals have taken place recently that are of interest to IVD manufacturers. The first is Roche’s acquisition of BioImagene, and the second is LabCorp’s acquisition of Genzyme Genetics. All of this M&A activity is an overall positive for the IVD industry, says Manfred Scholz, president, Scholz Consulting Partners LLC. The Roche deal in particular is quite important for the industry, he adds."


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